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Ashley from Severn Trent has been in touch with the Chair of the Parish Council, Jane Haywood. He apologised for the problems we have been facing and he explained that the problem is not clear cut. So they are doing 3 main things.

First they have resolved the issue at the booster station this weekend, so that if there is a flip in electricity it will reset itself.

Second their normal logger system checks every 15 minutes to see if there are problems and the logger is not picking up problems. So they have installed a high speed logger for 2 - 3 weeks which will pick up every issue. In the past a company doing a large draw down has caused problems so this may be happening again.

Finally, they have asked for the addresses of those who signed the letter with the Council so they can see where the problems are appearing.

Ashley has asked us to keep logging the problems with the call centre and, when you log a call, say that Ashley from Severn Trent has asked us to do this and give them your address. The Chair has Ashley's direct number if things start to go wrong. So hopefully we are the start of a solution. Many thanks for your support on this.

Please private message or email the clerk at

with your address

Posted: Thu, 17 Dec 2020 09:08 by Jennifer Kendall

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