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correspondence follow up from meeting on 17th May 2021

Following the Council meeting, Monday 17th May 2021, please find below the relevant
information and links we discussed.

Amazon site and noise - You asked about planning applications and whether
the noise was considered as part of the development and that Tracy (the previous
manager of the Environmental Protection Team) said she would provide a
review of the previous applications.

The link to all the relevant
applications and documents under the site address (29 Gander Lane) is here -
. Noise is considered as part of any
major development. You will find the relevant documents on the various
application document sets. For further information, you should contact the
planning service.

Environmental Health is consulted on large developments or potentially
environmentally impactful developments, and where necessary we will make
comments or request adjustments, or even recommend refusal, however, this is
only where there is a concern not dealt with under the application and
reports provided. Any comments from our service will be on the panning
portal links. However, any recommendations are just that for the planning
service too then consider against their assessment criteria. Anything not
controlled through conditions on planning consent would be something we
would need to deal with as a "statutory nuisance" investigation afterwards
if noise problems were caused to nearby residents.

I appreciate you made a formal request last night in the meeting for us to
investigate noise nuisance related to the Amazon site. As I explained, we
need individuals who are affected by the noise to come forward so we can
monitor noise levels and intrusion levels from their homes. Without that, I
am unable to proceed with any investigation as the noise needs to be
significantly affecting someone at their home for us to take any action.

To report noise nuisance - members of the public affected at their home
should go to this link on our web page and click on Noise or Bonfire
complaint. Alternatively, they can call 01246 231111 and they can report the
matter through our contact centre.

For the latest Annual Status Report for air quality -
and click on Air Pollution. The document is published on this page. Page 6
of the report shows the summary of the data for the 5 years up to the
revocation of the Air Quality Management Areas. This report is updated
annually around July with previous year's data, and as I explained we are
looking in the future (probably by the end of this year) to publish data for
each month as an when getting the results of the monthly monitoring.

Live Air Quality maps from the Governments web portal are also here: you can put
a link to this page from your own website if you wish.

CCTV for fly-tipping - In due course, and when we have finalised our plans
for additional CCTV for tackling fly-tipping, we will provide you with a
proposal on costs of equipment and deployment costs for CCTV options which
the Parish would pay for which could be primarily used for Barlbrough
hotspots, but also used elsewhere in the district when not in use.

Posted: Wed, 19 May 2021 11:08 by Jennifer Kendall

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