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Oxcroft way and Barlborough links

We are all aware of the problems of noise and litter from the traffic using Oxcroft way and the lorries parking on Barlborough Links. In addition, we have people using Oxcroft Way, Clowne Road and Hancocks Hill as a racetrack in the evening.The Parish Council has written to the appropriate authorities asking them to take action on these issues. These suggestions include no overnight parking, acoustic screens, a referral to environmental health on the noise from Barlborough Links and police action. We have also requested that measurements are taken on the pollution from the traffic near the houses.It will take time for us to see progress on these issues. In the short term, we have worked with Amazon and Hastings on litter, which has been helpful. There will be new signs on their fences to remind people of appropriate behaviour and 2 bins near their premises to help people behave well. Amazon has funded the bins and both companies have taken action with their staff and drivers to remind them to be considerate of their neighbours. The cost of emptying the bins will fall to the Parish Council.Thank you for your support in keeping us in touch with the issues and the valiant efforts on litter picking.

Posted: Wed, 12 May 2021 12:38 by Jennifer Kendall

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