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Amphitheatre for country park

Barlborough Country Park Amphitheatre

We are looking to create an amphitheatre behind pitch 1 in the country park.

This is to be similar to the one that is on the Edge at Clowne. All material must be secured in order to prevent stones or other material from being dislodged as detailed in the photograph.

The stage area to be cleared is to be 12m x 12m of the circle and to be edged with blue blocks, or treated sleepers that would be fixed in to the ground so as not to allow them to be removed. The area is to be covered in crushed stone mixed with cement to prevent erosion of the stage area.

This area must be suitable to put on small plays or to be used as a BBQ area.

The seating would be to the rear of the circle and will be a 3 tier seating area at 400mm high levels, 250mm deep and the length of the seating area would be a min of 6 meters on either side of the steps which be located in the centre of the seating area

All of the ground which is to be excavated would be stacked behind the seating area to give support and be as natural as possible, thus allowing no removal of any spoil.

Sleepers or another equivalent suitable material would then be used to provide suitable support for the seating area. The sleepers would then be infilled with crushed stone to aid drainage and to prevent wood rot. If sleepers are to be used then they must be treated with a suitable water barrier treatment with a minimum of 2 coats. The top of each seating level is to be top soiled and grassed. Please ensure that the seating area will not sink as it will be required to maintain the same level in order to keep the area mowed.

Your price should be sent to the Clerk of the Council Before the 1st of September.

If you require further information I can arrange to meet on-site from 10 till 12 Saturday 21st and Friday 27th after 2 pm of August at the country park.

Please feel free to call me to discuss any issues. 07889852267.

We are looking for work to commence in October / November.

Posted: Tue, 17 Aug 2021 13:43 by Jennifer Kendall

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