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'SAY NO TO ASB' campaign

Anti-social behaviour (ASB) incidents have increased over the last three years, with 45% of people saying that ASB is a problem where they live, according to RESOLVE's 2021 report.

The term anti-social behaviour is used to describe the day-to-day incidents of crime, nuisance and disorder. It's an activity that can make people's lives a misery and can have a severe impact on the local community, ranging from litter and vandalism, to public drunkenness or aggressive dogs, to noisy or abusive neighbours.

Between 25 October and 21 November, Neighbourhood Watch has launched a 'SAY NO TO ASB' campaign, with the aim in tackling anti-social behaviour in local communities. For further information on their campaign, please visit:

Posted: Thu, 04 Nov 2021 11:01 by Jennifer Kendall

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