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Ward Lane playing field - Night Patrols

A resident has just called into the office to report that at the weekend on Ward Lane playing field there were a lot of broken beer and spirit bottles and the glass had been pushed into the grass, beer and pop cans had been flattened and twisted to make sharp edges and left upright to cause injury.

In addition, the dog waste bin had been emptied all over the floor.

The resident did clean it up to prevent injury to her dog and the Parish Council thank her for doing this.

The police and the CAN rangers from Bolsover District Council have been asked to do night time patrols on Ward Lane playing field and also on the Country Park.

Please be vigilant and if any more incidences are seen please contact the Clerk through our website or Facebook messenger

Posted: Tue, 01 Feb 2022 13:26 by Jennifer Kendall

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